Psychological competence in order to meet refuges who has trauma or other psychological challenges which can affect the establishment in a Swedish Society.

Health is an important factor for our new citizens establishing themselves in the Swedish society. Beyond the challenge related to refuge situation in their home country and the escape to Sweden, which can be the origin to different types of trauma, there are other regular well-known issues in the integration in the new society. The psychological and the physical health are both influenced by the experience of not understanding a society one arrives at. Lack of network, contact with Swedish natives, conflicts amongst refuges, language barriers, lack of safety and trust to mention a few.

To prevent and handling trauma and other psychological challenges, puts demand on the people in charge, but also on the personnel who are taking care of the new arrivals and holds a mediation function between them all.

The need for qualified competence is high! We are in need of deep knowledge about which psychological factors creates unease and fear. There is also a great need for self awareness with the Supervisor/leader/mediator/counselor about his or hers own significance in the situation and means of reaction.

Our education focus on three core competences:

• Knowledge of the migration process, including health concerns for the refuges and the factors that influence the psychological and physical health. Ex. Experience of crisis, language difficulties, lack of network, lack of trust, change of lifestyle.
• Knowledge of trauma and other psychological problems. Ex. Anxiety, fear, experiences of culture and world-conflicts that influences the establishment in the Swedish society.
• Own psychological competence and self awareness for the supervisor or those responsible on site, to provide a qualified, safe and open-minded meeting with the refuges with varying problems, for children as well as adults.

In addition to this, the company assists directly (on-site) in supervisory function on national assignments.