Refuge conflicts

Psychological competence for handling conflicts in relation to refuges

The all encompassing refuge situation has created challenges for national governmental bodies as well as for local municipalities, on how to exactly administer the housing, education, hobbies and work for all the refuges who has arrived.
Within the limited resources and framework, increased stress for personnel and psychological overload for the refugees has easily led to conflicts at the temporary asylum residents.
To prevent or handle such conflicts where psychological factors are at its core, puts demands on the people in charge but also on the personnel who are facilitators or in a meditation function.

Deep knowledge of which psychological factors are especially important in a conflict driving perspective. There is also a great need for a high degree of self awareness with the Supervisor/leader/mediator/counselor about his or hers own significance in the situation and means of reaction.
Our education focus on two core competences:

• Knowledge of psychological factors that can result in conflicts, or has its origin in trauma, or pertains to questions related to culture and the world at large, frustration, lack of safety, trust, projection and demonization.
• Own psychological competence and self awareness for those in charge, in order to provide a qualified, safe and open-minded meeting with those in conflict. With the purpose to resolve and prevent further conflicts and demonization of the other part.

In addition to this, the company assists directly (on-site) in supervisory function on assignments.