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sanna_2Susanna Eliasson Ogunro:
Susanna works as a therapist and teacher at the Educational Institute; HumaNova. Susanna has many years experience in working with individuals; couples and groups. She is educated within several therapies, such as; Psychosynthesis, Gestalt therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Transpersonal psychotherapy and just completed a 4 year degree within Gestalt.


Ulf Gustavsson:
Ulf is a Leg Psychologist and leg Psychotherapist. He is working for Uppsala Psychology reception and has for many years worked within Psychotherapy, treatment of War trauma, coaching, counseling and teaching.
Ulf has until recently been employed as the Managing Director for the Red Cross Treatment center in Uppsala. He is also writer for the “PsykologTidningen”, a magazine for Psychologist Association.


Christer Larsson:
christer3Christer is an Organizational consultant who works first and foremost with the company’s international business. His works includes initiating trust building relations, which can solve international conflicts. Christer has vast experience from the international environment, such as North Africa, South East Asia and Russia. He has also for the last decade been involved in practical refugee work with “Alsike Kloster” (Alsike Convent) and on their Board of Directors.


Håkan Sandvik:
Håkan is a theologian who has been involved in Middle East issues since 1980. He has lived in the Middle East for more than 10 years, in Israel-Palestine, Egypt and Lebanon, and has stayed for shorter periods in other Middle East countries and has therefore a broad network of contacts with various groups. He has worked with questions about religious encounters, the role of religion in society and the situation of religious minorities in the Middle East. In Sweden he has worked on refugee and integration issues. A large part of the commitment has focused on religion, ethnicity and identity – both in the Middle East and Sweden.

annalena_2Annalena Ståhl:
Annalena holds Diploma in Gestalt Therapy, and has since 1994 worked with therapy, counseling, supervision, leadership- and business development, artistic process development and teaching.
She has for many years worked with traumatized refugees and trauma-therapy with the focus on dignity and honor. She has acted as a liaison and counselor to personnel at treatment homes and refuge homes.
Annalena is currently also the Pedagogic leader at the Gestalt Academy in Stockholm.

Contact: Located in Gothenburg.

mariann4Mariann Marthinussen:
Mariann works as a therapist, coach, and supervisor for students. She is teaching at the Psychosynthesis Institute in Norway, HumaNova. She is educated within; psychosynthesis, mindfulness, cognitive therapy, motivational interviewing (MI) and transpersonal psychology.

Mariann has vast experience in working with groups, individuals and couples, from the private sector and business.
She has previous experience from international businesses within networking and administration. (McKinsey & Company).

Contact: Located in Oslo.

Paul O Olson:
Paul has worked in international management but transitioned to psychology. He studied leadership, conflicts and social psychology in inter-cultural settings (MSc, Stockholm); which became a full doctorate in psychology and psychotherapy (London).

His practice has covered moderate to severe disorders that are abundant in the world’s conflict areas: psychoses, post-traumatic conditions, anxiety, fears, suicidal depression and personality disorders. Paul integrates cognitive-behavioural, existential, holistic, group and coaching approaches. He has clinical authorisation in the UK with accreditation for clinical supervision and EuroPSY certificate as specialist practitioner of psychotherapy.”
Contact: Located in Oslo.

Chairman of the Board: Per Ogunro
Per is the CEO of SJR, a company on the Swedish stock exchange, first-north list. He holds a Jur. Cand 1987 from Stockholm University.


Other consultants

On our assignments we draw upon our pool of consultants specific to the task and assignment at hand. These consultants has specialized knowledge and competence within therapeutic methods and modalities, such as; CBT, ACT, Psychosynthesis, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Gestalt, Non Violent Communication (NVC), and Schema therapy.