When dialogue ends and hostilities emerge, provocative projections and deadly demonizing develops, and as a consequence, fatigue and frustration invade the mediators and negotiators, we are ready to be there for You
and Your team.

Conflict Prevention Group is a company of highly qualified psychologists, psychotherapists and management consultants in Sweden and Norway with many decades of making men and women develop even during severe and highly critical conditions.

It also has a pool of former diplomats and other international specialists with deeply qualified experience in preventive diplomacy and highly complex negotiations on top UN, US, Russia, EU and other world power levels.

The Conflict Prevention Group draws on all established psychological methods, tailor made for each situation, each negotiator and each mediator. It also provide psychological profiling and recommendations on the other individual and team, on the other side of the table. 

When ever You need to strengthen Your mediating and negotiating process, as well as Your individual mediators and negotiators, including debriefing, coaching, profiling, in order to make a difference, call on us for a free and non-binding consultation.